Curacao Airport

Curacao Airport Information

Airport: Curacao International Airport / aka Hato airport

Airport Code:  CUR

Telephone:    (5999) 839-1000
Fax:  (5999) 868-0017/ 839-3111

Web Site:  www.curacao-airport.comemail:

Address:  Curacao Airport Partners,  Margareth Abraham Plaza,  Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

Directions:  The airport is situated six miles (10km) from Willemstad.

Terminals & Parking:  One terminal building and both long term and short term parking are to be found directly in front of it.

Airlines:  Review a list of airlines and flights to Curacao

Car Rentals:  There are many car rental companies at the Curacao airport and many more to be found elsewhere on the island.

Public Transportation:  Taxis and buses run between the airport and Willemstad.

Airport Facilities:

    • Information/ Help Desk
    • Business Center
    • ATM
    • Post Office
    • Restaurant
    • Bar
    • Shopping
    • Skycap / Porter

    Travelers with Disabilities: Elevator ramps and wheelchairs are all available at the airport. All airlines can assist if notified in advance.

    Airport Departure Fee Airport departure fees for International destinations are USD $32.00 and USD $ 8.00 for domestic destinations, Bonaire and St. Maarten. Children under the age of two (2) are exempt. The airport departure fee counters are on the second floor just before passing through immigration.
    The airport departure fee is incorporated in the ticket price for passengers traveling with:

    • American Airlines
    • Continental Airlines
    • K.L.M.
    • Martin Air
    • T.U.I.

    These passengers do not have to separately pay the airport departure fee.